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Meals on Wheels
Volunteer Drivers Wanted

Nancy Hetherington Peirce and John Peirce joined the Meals on Wheels program as drivers ten years ago, shortly after they moved to Gabriola. Many times they have seen the significant benefits when people receive a hot dinner three times a week. These experiences have deepened their commitment to being part of the Meals on Wheels service, helping Gabriola be a better place for all who live here.

Want to help out?

Join our team of Meals on Wheels Volunteer Drivers on Gabriola!


Deliveries take place on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,
between 4:30pm and 6pm.

Become a member of GAIHCS and
contact our

MoW Coordinator, Linda Hellenius

by calling 250-247-0280.

Drivers to Doctors
Volunteer Drivers Wanted

The ability to travel around town, going wherever we want whenever we want, is a freedom that most of us enjoy. We take for granted that we can slip behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive off without giving it much thought. But for a growing portion of our elderly population, those once routine outings have become monumental challenges. As we age, health conditions may impact our driving and we must find other methods for getting to and from our daily activities, including getting to important medical appointments.

Fortunately, for senior Gabriolians, GAIHCS runs the ‘Drivers to Doctors’ program. We have many islanders who rely on this service to get to their doctors’ appointments on Gabriola and in Nanaimo.


We, as a community, reach out to help our neighbours in a variety of ways. One way you can help is to become a driver for our Drivers to Doctors Program.

Did you know that as a driver you can drive as little or as much as you would like to? You don’t have to have a schedule as you drive when you can.

Want to help out?

Become a member of GAIHCS and
call our MoW Coordinator,
Marni Laird at 250-268-9433

Drivers to Doctors 1.png
Drivers to Doctors 3.png
Drivers to Doctors 2.png

the GABE shop
Volunteer Store Clerks

GABE stands for Gabriola Auxiliary Business Enterprise and it is the fundraising engine of The Gabriola Auxiliary for Island Health Care Society.  All of the programs we run, and the grants we provide, are made possible thru the funds generated in our little boutique thrift store.

Want to help out and
join our dynamic team!

We are always looking for new volunteers, so drop by and let us know you're interested.

560 North Road, Gabriola


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