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The GABE Shop

You never know what you will find in our little boutique thrift shop. From crystal to quilts, suits to golf shoes, artwork to bread makers. It is a treasure hunter's dream!

Located at:

   560 North Road,

   Gabriola BC

(250) 325-4223

Items are donated by the community and the proceeds from the shop go to fund health care initiatives on Gabriola Island.

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Where to find us ...

The GABE Shop

560 North Road

Gabriola Island, BC


Directions from the ferry landing:

  • Drive straight uphill from the ferry.

  • Turn left at the top of the hill.

  • Our shop is in the 3rd block on the left side (beside the Ground Up Cafe).

Donate to our shop

... and know you're supporting health initiatives in your community.


Drop by our shop during open hours to donate your

  • clean, gently-worn clothing

  • kitchenware

  • small household items

  • antiques

  • artwork

  • books

  • craft supplies
    ..... and more

If you're unsure whether we can accept your donation, please call ahead.


The GABE Shop Interior 8_cr.jpg
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