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Need a ride to your appointments?


Don't have any way of getting to and from medical or other health-related appointments, such as to Life Labs, the dentist, optometrist, registered therapist, or the pharmacy? Drivers to Doctors is providing drives to these appointments on Gabriola and in Nanaimo.


Ferry costs for Nanaimo trips are not included. TAP forms will cover most expenses; if you cannot get to the clinic to pick one up, please let us know. If the service is not eligible for a TAP form (such as pick up from a hospital stay or to a dental appointment), the patient must pay for the vehicle and driver as well as themselves.


Drivers to Doctors do NOT have priority boarding for the ferry.


Patients are required to have had at least two Covid vaccinations, and all drivers have been vaccinated. Masks are requested for both drivers and patients, especially for trips to Nanaimo. If either patient or driver has any COVID-like symptoms the drive will have to be postponed or reassigned.


Call Marni Laird ph: 250-268-9433 to request a driver.

Please give as much notice as possible to allow time to arrange for your drive.


Want to help out?

Join our Team of Volunteer Drivers

Call Marni Laird ph: 250-268-9433

What do you know about our Drivers to Doctors Program?

The ability to travel around town, going wherever we want whenever we want, is a freedom that most of us enjoy. We take for granted that we can slip behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive off without giving it much thought. But for a growing portion of our elderly population, once routine outings like going to the grocery store, the library, social gatherings or doctor’s appointments have become monumental challenges. As we age, health conditions may impact driving and we must find other methods for getting to and from our daily activities.

Fortunately, for senior Gabriolians, we have the ‘Drivers to Doctors’ program through our Auxiliary for Island Health Care Society. We have many islanders who rely on this service to get to doctors’ appointments on Gabriola and in Nanaimo.

We as a community reach out to help the less fortunate in our midst in a variety of ways. One way we can help our seniors is to be a driver for our Drivers to Doctors Program.

Did you know that as a driver you can drive as little or as much as you would like to? You don’t have to have a schedule as you drive when you can.

We want to be able to accommodate all the requests made for rides.

Thank you to Our Drivers

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